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SPF 30 Birthday Celebrations

SPF 30 Birthday Celebrations

It is always a pleasure when I get asked to plan something, and this birthday celebration was no exception! A close friend, an amazing photographer and just a genuinely beautiful soul – Alyssa, of Alyssa Dawson Photography, asked and I couldn’t say no! Helping her plan her husband’s ‘SPF 30‘ themed birthday dinner was such a joy because as I’ve gotten to know the both of them in the last year – and I am so happy to call them my friends. Her husband’s 30th took place at Vital Supply Co. Cafe + Blend Bar¬†which is such a perfect space for a small and intimate gather. The food was amazing and the experience itself was pure bliss. Chef Reuben, who is also one of the masterminds behind Belgard Kitchen and Havana provided an amazing narrative description of what was being placed in front of us each time (no pictures unfortunately as we were all too busy stuffing our faces with delicious healthy goodness)! That in itself (narrative) not only heightened the dining experience, but it allowed you to taste every morsel and appreciate every ingredient that made up each course. If you have never been, I highly recommend that you try Vital Supply out!

Celebrating birthdays is a HUGE for me, and I was so happy to lend a hand in planning this 30th birthday celebration!

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