Why Brides Should Go To Bridal Shows

Why Brides Should Go To Bridal Shows

As a certified wedding planner, it is essential for me to make sure that I continue to nurture and grow my relationships in the industry which is why I attend bridal/wedding shows. But for any bride, bridesmaid, friend, mom, aunt ..the list is endless, it is essential that you attend as many bridal shows as possible well ahead of your pending nuptials. As a bride, you need to attend bridal shows for the following reasons:


When it comes to selecting wedding vendors it is important that you select the vendors who match your aesthetic and vision, as well as those you have a good rapport with as this is very important as you will be working with them for a very long extended period of time. Any vendor can do a good job, but good is not what the goal is for your wedding day. You want great and “above and beyond” the normal expectation because this day only happens once. You are trusting the vendors with your biggest day, so it is very vital that the rapport and vision match up.


At most big shows, there are deals to be had everywhere and bridal shows are no different. By attending, you get FaceTime with vendors who are there to show you what they can do. But the sweet spot is that they are offering their services at a discount which most likely will be on offer only during the course of the show. Therefore, we recommend that you do your research and know which vendors will be there and if there are a few that you definitely are interested in working with, then take advantage of the opportunity to meet them and score a deal for their services. If it is not explicitly evident that the vendor has a show promotion, there is no harm in asking. You can’t get what you don’t ask for! And in most cases, vendors want you as a client so the likelihood of securing a deal is definitely there. In addition to scoring a discount, many vendors offer show giveaways/prizes to brides who visit their book and sign up for the prize – be it photography, wedding attire, wedding cake … you name it! Therefore, there is no harm in going an entering because it could just be your name there call.


Many bridal shows will have experts in the industry sharing helpful information about planning your wedding which is great to know as you start putting together those pieces for your wedding. It could be from a wedding venue selection, tips on saving money on your wedding day or how to select vendors. Having all of these resources under one roof enables you to ask and tackle any concerns you may have – which is a great reason to attend a bridal show.


The best vendors are typically up-to-date with the ever-changing trends of the wedding industry. Much like the fashion world, styles in the wedding world are constantly evolving, and often times vendors will showcase what’s new and hot in their show booths to attract modern couples, not to say that there is nothing for the more traditional couple! Many bridal shows include a fashion show to showcase what’s trending in the world of bridal fashion as well and this will definitely help with not only spearheading your thoughts and inspiration, but it will help you select elements that you want to have incorporated into your dream dress. 

Mark your calendars for the next upcoming shows:

  1. The Wedding Fair at The Westin Bayshore 
  2. Fleur – Luxury Wedding Show & Forum
  4. Swank – Vancouver Wedding Show 
  5. Vancouver Island Dream Wedding Show
  6. Union LGBT + Wedding Show

So if you’re a bride-to-be, be on the lookout for bridal showcases in your area. Vancouver has a number of bridal shows coming up this year, so if you are a newly-engaged bride-to-be this is where you need to be. Take your entourage of ladies and gents, and go have fun!

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