BEAUCOUP D’AMOUR EVENTS & WEDDINGS is an event planning service company that prides itself on bringing to life the vision you dreamt of and executing the perfect event or wedding so that you can enjoy all the moments.

We bring a touch of glamour to every West-Coast event or wedding that we plan because it is absolutely necessary. We pride ourselves on using the magnificent backdrop that is known to Vancouver and the West Coast because we are a city with an exquisite canvas. With such an amazing playground, great vendors, and creativity at our fingertips, we will create your vision. We ensure that we have the top selection of vendors at your disposal – regardless of your budget because your guests deserve the royal and glamorous treatment. Here at BEAUCOUP D’AMOUR EVENTS & WEDDINGS, we promise to deliver an exquisite event for you and your guests.

Send us an email, tell us what you need help with and let us create a lifetime of lasting memories together!