BEAUCOUP D’AMOUR EVENTS & WEDDINGS is here to help you plan the best day of your life – the start of your forever.

Don’t have time to plan?! If you are already feeling stressed out just thinking about the day, perhaps our Full Wedding Planning Package is what you need!

Maybe you don’t need help planning but need some help on the day? Let us take over the reigns and make sure every detail that you’ve planned is executed to perfection, then our Wedding Day Management Package is for you.

You’ve planned most of it and need some help with a few things. Our Partial Planning Package is for you. 

Need to bounce some ideas off someone, and get some recommendations on where to go to plan your event or which vendor to see about certain items? Send a Consultation request, because we can point you in the right direction.

We can help you regardless of your budget so don’t hesitate to contact us.